Friday, April 12 / 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Griffin Hall (Level 2)

Poster Session 7
Migration & Urbanization

1. Household Headship, Vulnerability, and Migration in Deltas in Africa and AsiaMumuni Abu , University of Ghana.

2. Legal Status and Psychosocial Well-being of Central Asian Migrant Women in RussiaVictor Agadjanian , University of California, Los Angeles; Byeongdon Oh; Cecilia Menjivar, University of California, Los Angeles.

3. Recent Trends in Educational Attainment of Immigrants to the United StatesMarwa AlFakhri , Duke University.

4. Educational and Labor Market Outcomes of Ghanaian, Liberian, Nigerian, and Sierra Leonean Americans, 2010–2017Ernesto Amaral, Texas A&M University; Arthur Sakamoto , Texas A&M University; Courtney Nelson, Sweet Briar College; Sharron X. Wang, Texas A&M University.

5. Life Satisfaction and Perceived Health: How Individual Characteristics and Policies Influence Immigrants’ Well-Being in ItalyElena Ambrosetti, University La Sapienza; Angela Paparusso , Institute of Research on Population and Social Policies (CNR-IRPPS).

6. Skewed Sex Ratio at Birth in Migratory Context: A Study on the Determinants of Prenatal Sex Selection in ItalyElena Ambrosetti, University La Sapienza; Livia Elisa Ortensi, Università degli Studi di Milano - Bicocca; Cinzia Castagnaro, Istituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT); Marina Attili, Istituto Nazionale di Statistica (ISTAT); Angela Paparusso , Institute of Research on Population and Social Policies (CNR-IRPPS).

7. Racial and Ethnic Group Spatial Assimilation in Inner and Outer Suburban RingsGrigoris Argeros .

8. Out of the Desert, Into the Swamp? Spatial Assimilation and Exposure to Food Environments Among HispanicsRachel Bacon , Pennsylvania State University; Jennifer Van Hook, Pennsylvania State University.

9. Isolated by Caste: Neighbourhood-Scale Residential Segregation in Indian MetrosNaveen Bharathi , Indian Institute of Management Bangalore; Deepak Malghan, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore; Andaleeb Rahman, Cornell University.

10. How Mentions of Criminal Histories in Seattle Rental Listings Have Evolved With Tenant Screening RegulationsErin Carll, University of Washington, Seattle; Ian Kennedy , University of Washington, Seattle; Chris Hess, University of Washington, Seattle; Kyle Crowder, University of Washington, Seattle; Jerald Herting, University of Washington, Seattle; Adam Kirstein, Columbia University.

11. Does Spousal Violence Decline With Urbanization? Indian PerspectiveAparajita Chattopadhyay , International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS); Atreyee Sinha, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS); Ram B. Bhagat, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS).

12. Growing Rich Without Growing Old: The Impact of Internal Migration in ChinaMengni Chen ; Chris Lloyd, The University of Melbourne; Paul Yip, The University of Hong Kong.

13. Residential Instability of Immigrants: Three Cohorts of Immigrants to CanadaKate Hee Choi , University of Western Ontario; Sagi Ramaj; Michael Haan, University of Western Ontario.

14. An Educational Gradient in Health Among Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese in the United StatesDaesung Choi , University of Pennsylvania; Jung In, University of Oxford.

15. Gentrification Patterns Across Neighborhoods in Harris County, Texas, 1990–2016Wendie Choudary , Rice University, Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

16. Changing Environments and Chronic Disease Among Foreign-born People in the United States and BelgiumSolveig Cunningham, Emory University; Hadewijch Vandenheede, Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Rebecca Jones , Emory University.

17. Understanding the Foreign-born Population Living in South Africa: In the Time of the Demographic DividendPrincelle Dasappa-Venketsamy .

18. The Value of a Warm Reception: Contexts of Return and the Economic Incorporation of Mexican Returnees From the United StatesNicole Denier , University of Alberta; Claudia Masferrer, Centro de Estudios Demográficos, Urbanos y Ambientales, El Colegio de México.

19. Relational Assimilation and Declining Ethnic Distinction: The Case of Ethnic RestaurantsChristina Diaz , University of Arizona; Peter Ore, University of Arizona.

20. Immigration Enforcement Policies and Immigrants’ Health Care Utilization: Evidence of System AvoidanceMolly Dondero , American University.

21. Migration and Gender in Indian Slums: Findings From a Large Household Survey in Three Indian CitiesHarlan Downs-Tepper , Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy; Emily Rains, Duke University.

22. Exploring the Association Between Immigration and Crime in Columbus, Ohio: A New Immigrant DestinationPaola Echave , The Ohio State University.

23. Free and Clear: National Origins and Progress Toward Unencumbered Homeownership Among Post–Civil Rights Era ImmigrantsAmon Emeka , Skidmore College.

24. Pushing and Pulling: Determinants of Migration During Sweden’s IndustrialisationBjörn Eriksson , Lund University; Siddartha Aradhya, Lund University; Finn Hedefalk.

25. Residential Integration in the Suburbs: What Happened in Metropolitan Detroit and WhyReynolds Farley , University of Michigan.

26. Community Migration and HIV Testing Among Left-behind Armenian MothersDavid Ferrandiz-Mont, National Yang-Ming University; Chi Chiao , National Yang-Ming University.

27. How Statelessness and Out-Migration Drive Rural InequalityAmanda Flaim, Michigan State University; Lindy Williams , Cornell University; Daniel Ahlquist, Michigan State University.

28. The Effects of 287(g) and Sanctuary City Agreements on the Foreign-born Population in the United StatesNadia Y. Flores-Yeffal , Texas Tech University; Maria Aysa-Lastra, Winthrop University; Hanna Spevak, Winthrop University.

29. The Neighborhood Attainment of Black–White Individuals With Black or White Partners, Black–White Couples, and Monoracial Black and White CouplesRyan Gabriel , Brigham Young University; Jacob S. Rugh, Brigham Young University; Hannah Spencer.

30. Exploring the Link Between Asylum and Irregular Migration: The Case of ItalyDaniela Ghio , Joint Research Centre European Commission; Gian Carlo Blangiardo, University Milan, Bicocca.

31. Citizenship and National Identity: The Role of the Language Spoken at HomeDaniela Ghio , Joint Research Centre European Commission; Erofili Grapsa, Joint Research Centre European Commission; Nikolaos Stilianakis, Joint Research Centre European Commission.

32. Immigrant Assimilation and Profiles of Breast Cancer Prevention Behaviors Among U.S. ImmigrantsFederico Ghirimoldi , The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; Gabriela Sanchez-Soto, University of Texas at San Antonio.

33. How Distinct Is Gay Neighborhood Change? Patterns and Variation in Gayborhood TrajectoriesConnor Gilroy , University of Washington, Seattle.

34. Health Care Utilization and Internal Migration in Rural and Urban South AfricaCarren Ginsburg, University of the Witwatersrand; Mark Collinson, University of the Witwatersrand; Francesc Gomez-Olive, Harvard University; Mark Gross, Cabrini University; Sadson Harawa, University of the Witwatersrand; Mark Lurie, Brown University; Keith Mukondwa, University of the Witwatersrand; Rebecca Wang , Brown University; Michael J. White, Brown University.

35. The Changing Urban Ecology of Kolkata: An Appraisal of 50 Years (1971–2011)Devarupa Gupta , International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS).

36. Moving West: Who Moved to California in the 1930s, Where They Came From, and Why We Think They MovedMyron Gutmann , University of Colorado Boulder; Kerri Clement, University of Colorado Boulder; Dylan Connor, Arizona State University; Angela Cunningham, University of Colorado Boulder; Jeremy Mikecz, University of Southern California.

37. The Impact of Immigration on Democratic InstitutionsChristopher Hale , Princeton University.

38. Gender, Bride Kidnapping, and Labor Migration in KyrgyzstanErin T. Hofmann , Utah State University; Guangqing Chi, Pennsylvania State University.

39. The Life Course Matters for Moving, and It’s Not Just Age: Life Course Events as Triggers for Migration in the Transition to AdulthoodJonathan Horowitz , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Barbara Entwisle, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

40. Mobility Over the Life Course: Migration and HIV Risk Among Men Who Have Sex With Men in Seattle, WashingtonClaire Huang, University of Washington, Seattle; Susan Cassels , University of California, Santa Barbara.

41. Second Generation Advantage Among Asians: Does Volunteerism Facilitate Voting?Hiromi Ishizawa , The George Washington University.

42. Health Implications of Migration: Cross-Classified Multilevel Models to Disentangle Country of Origin and State of Resettlement Effects of BodyweightRebecca Jones , Emory University; Regine Haardoerfer, Emory University; Solveig Cunningham, Emory University.

43. Do Blacks Leave Other Blacks Behind?: Crack Cocaine Markets and Black FlightTakuma Kamada .

44. The Role of Migration on Fertility: Differences in Fertility Levels Among East Asian Migrants to the United StatesJeongsoo Kim, University of Texas at San Antonio; Gabriela Sanchez-Soto , University of Texas at San Antonio.

45. Decomposition of Rural-Urban Differential in Low Birth Weight in India: An Evidence From NFHS-4Shubham Kumar ; S. K. Singh, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS); Swati Srivastava, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS).

46. Reassessing Migration and Health: Analysis Using U.S. County-Level DataSneha Lamba , Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Natalia Alfonso, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; David Bishai, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

47. Health and Migration Within and Across Borders: A Longitudinal Study of Mexican Internal Migrants and Return U.S. MigrantsGabriela Leon-Perez .

48. Determinants of Poverty Among Post-1990 Immigrants in Israel: Does Age at Migration Matter?Alisa C. Lewin , University of Haifa; Rebecca Raijman, University of Haifa.

49. Entry Into First Marriage and Marital Outcomes of Rural Migrants in China: The Influence of Initiation of Economic Migration by Men and WomenZhen Li , Shanghai University.

50. Homeownership and Overcrowding Among Asian American Households: Findings From the 2012–2016 American Community SurveyJing Li , Rice University; Isao Takei, Nihon University.

51. Couples Across Borders: Impact of Mexico–U.S. Migration on Union DissolutionZhen Liu , Brown University.

52. Internal Forced Displacement in Mexico: A Case of Migration Due to ViolenceUriel Lomelí-Carrillo .

53. Changes in the Social Composition of the Neighborhoods of Barcelona and Madrid: An Approach Using Migration and Residential FlowsAntonio Lopez-Gay , Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics (CED), Universitat de Barcelona; Andrea Andújar-Llosa, Universidad Pablo de Olavide.

54. The Midlife Health of Immigrants Who Attended U.S. SchoolsEmily Lybbert , University of Texas at Austin; Chandra Muller, University of Texas at Austin.

55. Distress Among Black Immigrants by Region of BirthGuadalupe Marquez-Velarde , Utah State University; Verna Keith, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Gabe H. Miller, Texas A&M University.

56. NTCA Workers in Mexico: A Job Market Insertion AnalysisLiliana Meza Gonzalez , National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI); Carla Pederzini, Universidad Iberomericana.

57. Social Incorporation and Transnationalism Among Chinese Immigrants in the United States: Results From a Network SurveyTheodore Mouw , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Giovanna Merli, Duke University.

58. To Move Home or Move On? Investigating the Impact of Recovery Aid on Migration Status After Volcanic Eruptions in Merapi, IndonesiaJonathan Muir , The Ohio State University; Michael Cope, Brigham Young University; Leslie Angeningsih, Institute of Community Development "AMPD"; Jorden Jackson, Brigham Young University.

59. Familism and the Hispanic Health Advantage: The Role of Generational Status and Age at Arrival in the United StatesMichael Niño , Willamette University; Christina Diaz, University of Arizona.

60. In and Out: A Study on the Effects of Terrorism on Ethnic Boundary Making and In-Group Attitudes for Native and Immigrant Populations in EuropeDaniel Ramirez , Pennsylvania State University; Javier Polavieja, The Carlos III-Juan March Institute.

61. Internal Migration in IsraelUzi Rebhun , Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

62. Race, Sex, and Income Inequality in the SouthwestSalvatore Restifo , University of Texas Rio Grande Valley; Bienvenido Ruiz, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley; Igor Ryabov, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

63. Ethnic Neighborhood Segregation and the Dynamics of Residential Mobility Among Immigrants and Natives: Panel Evidence From Norway, 1993–2013Adrian Farner Rogne , University of Oslo; Are Skeie Hermansen, University of Oslo; Torkild Hovde Lyngstad, University of Oslo; Torbjørn Skardhamar, University of Oslo; Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund, University of Oslo.

64. Trend and Pattern of Arab Refugees in the Arab WorldMohammad Sajid ; Archana Kumari Roy, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS).

65. Life Course Patterns of Female Migrants in Germany: The Interplay of Employment and Fertility Trajectories Around ArrivalCristina Samper Mejia .

66. Becoming Established on the New Frontier: The Rise of Latino Enclaves in the Nuevo SouthLuis A. Sanchez , California State University, Channel Islands; Guadalupe Jasso, California State University, Channel Islands.

67. Industrial Channeling Among New ImmigrantsMatthew Sanderson, Kansas State University; Matthew Painter , University of Wyoming.

68. Risk of Deportation and Location Decisions of Mexican Migrants in the United StatesHans Schwarz , University of Wisconsin-Madison.

69. Origins of Health Disparities: Residential Racial Segregation and the Overconcentration of Alcohol OutletsJennifer Scott , Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge Campus; Denise Danos, Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center; Neal Simonsen, LSU Health Sciences Center; Claudia Leonardi, LSU Health Sciences Center; Robert Collins, Dillard University; Richard Scribner, LSU School of Public Health.

70. Highly Educated Migrants and Their Life Satisfaction: Evidence in Urban ChinaBinbin Shu , The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Eric Fong, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

71. Effect of Hukou Mobility on Depression in Later Life in Urban ChinaQian Song , RAND Corporation; James P. Smith, RAND Corporation.

72. Women’s Migration and Labor Market Incorporation in South AfricaEmmanuel Souza , University of Pennsylvania.

73. Contextualizing the Citizenship Question: History, Current Practices, and Potential Plans for 2020Matthew Spence , U.S. Census Bureau.

74. Interracial Couples and Residential Outcomes in Average Income, Percent White, and EntropyHannah Spencer .

75. The Effect of Emigration on Wages: Evidence From Central and Eastern EuropeSandra Spirovska , University of Wisconsin-Madison.

76. Aging in Place or Functional Specialization? The Dynamics of Neighborhood Age Structure, 1970–2010John W. Sullivan , University of California, Los Angeles.

77. Social Position and Migrant Social Capital in International Migration From Africa to EuropeSorana Toma, CREST and Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Economique (ENSAE); Mao-Mei Liu , University of California, Berkeley.

78. Does Municipality Size Matter for the Successful Integration of Refugees? Evidence From NorwayMarianne Tønnessen , Statistics Norway; Synøve N. Andersen, Statistics Norway; Alicia Adsera, Princeton University.

79. Consumer Behavior in Ethnic Enclaves: Does Co-Ethnic Density Reduce Consumer Spending?Scott Tuttle ; ChangHwan Kim, University of Kansas.

80. Gendered Age Differences in Immigrant PartnershipsCaroline Uggla; Ben Wilson , Stockholm University.

81. Feeling Better With Similar Others? The Role of Social Networks on the Development of Ethnic Identities and Mental Health OutcomesTamara van der Does , Santa Fe Institute; Muna Adem, Indiana University.

82. The Differential Influence of Residential and Employment Locations on Immigrant Economic OutcomesIlana Ventura , University of Chicago.

83. Health and the Healthy Migrant Effect: An Examination of Hypertension, Diabetes, and Obesity Among African-born Immigrants Within the United StatesJustin Vinneau , University of Colorado Boulder.

84. Long-Term Effects of Hosting Refugees on Second Generation Health Outcomes: Evidence From TanzaniaSoazic Elise Wang Sonne .

85. Visa Policy Changes and Post-Graduation Job Relatedness Among Foreign Doctorate Recipients: Evidence From the American Competitiveness ActsDafeng Xu , University of Minnesota.

86. Inequality in Health Status of Elderly Chinese in Cities: A Multilevel Analysis of Migrants and Local ResidentsSisi Yang ; Fei Guo, Macquarie University; Zhanxin Zhang, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

87. Education and Self-reported Health: A Legal Status PerspectiveYiwan Ye ; Roy Taggueg, University of California, Davis.

88. Interprovincial Migration of China’s Floating Population: Individual and Contextual DeterminantsZhou Yu , University of Utah; Jiawei Wu, Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology--Chinese Academy of Sciences.

89. Acculturation and Mental Health Among Rural-Urban Migrants in Urbanizing ChinaZhongshan Yue , Xi’an Jiaotong University; Eric Fong, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Shuzhuo Li, Xi'an Jiaotong University; Marcus W. Feldman, Stanford University.

90. Immigrant Health in ItalyRachel Zajdel , Vanderbilt University; Evelyn J. Patterson, Vanderbilt University.

91. Estimating the Effects of Migration From Mexico to the United States on Self-rated Health and Mortality: The Hispanic Paradox RevisitedAdina Zeki Al Hazzouri ; Lanyu Zhang, University of Miami; Audrey Murchland, University of California, San Francisco; Leslie Grasset; Jacqueline Torres, RWFJ Health & Society Scholars, University of California, San Francisco / University of California; Richard Jones, Brown University; Maria Glymour, University of California, San Francisco.

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