Thursday, April 11 / 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM Meeting Room 309 (Level 3)

Session 97
Research on Transgender and Gender Nonbinary/Nonconforming Populations

Chair: Amanda K. Baumle, University of Houston
Chair: Dudley L. Poston Jr, Texas A&M University
Discussant: Jae Downing, University of South Carolina

1. Americans’ Perceptions of Transgender People’s Gender: Evidence From a National Survey ExperimentLong Doan, University of Maryland; Natasha Quadlin , The Ohio State University; Brian Powell, Indiana University.

2. State-Level Transgender-Specific Policies, Race/Ethnicity, and Health Care Use Among Transgender and Gender-Diverse People in the United StatesTamar Goldenberg , University of Michigan School of Public Health; Gary Harper, University of Michigan; Sari Reisner, Harvard University; Kristi Gamarel, University of Michigan; Kahle Erin, University of Michigan; Rob Stephenson, University of Michigan.

3. Assessing Differences in Adverse Childhood Event Scores Between Transgender/Nonbinary Individuals and Cisgender Sexual Minorities From the San Antonio Strengthening Colors of Pride ProjectAmy Stone ; Phillip Schnarrs, Dell Medical School, University of Texas at Austin; Robert Salcido, Jr., Pride Center.

4. Anticipated Futures Around Gender Identity DevelopmentMieke B. Thomeer , University of Alabama at Birmingham; Allen J. LeBlanc, San Francisco State University; David Frost, Columbia University; Singh Anneliese, University of Georgia; Bockting Walter, Columbia University.

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