Thursday, April 11 / 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM Meeting Room 204 (Level 2)

Session 9
Formal Models and Methods for the Analysis of Mortality

Chair: Marie-Pier Bergeron-Boucher, Interdisciplinary Center on Population Dynamics (CPop), University of Southern Denmark
Discussant: Marcus Ebeling, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

1. Population-Level Impact of Adverse Early Life Conditions on Adult Trajectories of Morbidity, Disability and Mortality for Low- and Middle-Income CountriesHiram Beltran-Sanchez, University of California, Los Angeles; Alberto Palloni, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Yiyue Huangfu , University of Wisconsin-Madison; Mary McEniry, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

2. An Extended Decomposition of Change in the Sex Gap in Life Expectancy in Developed Countries: Period and Cohort PerspectivesQi Cui , Australian National University; Vladimir Canudas-Romo, Australian National University; Heather Booth, Australian National University.

3. The Age-of-Mortality Function as a New Indicator of Longevity Extension in High-Income CountriesViorela Diaconu , Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research; Nadine Ouellette, Université de Montréal; Shiro Horiuchi, CUNY Institute for Demographic Research (CIDR).

4. Adequate Life-Expectancy Reconstruction for Adult Human Mortality DataLaszlo Nemeth , Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research; Trifon I. Missov, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research.

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