Thursday, April 11 / 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Meeting Room 203 (Level 2)

Session 36
Early-Life Environmental and Economic Exposures: Impact on Demographic and Health Outcomes in India and Sub-Saharan Africa

Chair: Kelly Baker, University of Iowa
Discussant: Md Nazmul Ahsan
Discussant: Kelly Baker, University of Iowa

1. After the Floods: Differential Impacts of Rainfall Anomalies on Child Health in IndiaAnna Dimitrova ; Raya Muttarak, Vienna Institute of Demography.

2. Negative Economic Shocks at Birth on Infant Health in Sub-Saharan AfricaFabrice Kampfen , University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

3. The Nitrogen Legacy: Long-Term Effects of Water Pollution on Human CapitalEsha Zaveri ; Jason Russ, World Bank Group; Sebastien Desbureaux, World Bank Group; Richard Damania, World Bank Group.

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