Saturday, April 13 / 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Meeting Room 304 (Level 3)

Session 249
Social and Economic Determinants of Health and Mortality

Chair: Shannon Ang, University of Michigan
Discussant: Ashton Verdery, Pennsylvania State University

1. Educational Differences in Health Discussion Mobilization Through Social NetworksWon-tak Joo , University of Wisconsin-Madison.

2. How Social Interaction Shapes the Prevalence and Knowledge of Hypertension: A Longitudinal Analysis of Mature Adults in Rural MalawiWeilong Li , University of Pennsylvania; Iliana V. Kohler, University of Pennsylvania; Hans-Peter Kohler, University of Pennsylvania.

3. Is Living Alone Bad for Your Health? New Data From SpainDavid Sven Reher , Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Miguel Requena, Universidad Nacional de EducaciĆ³n a Distancia (UNED).

4. Internet Use, Health, and Well-being: Exploring the Role of Social CapitalValentina Rotondi , Bocconi University; Nicoletta Balbo, Bocconi University; Luca Stella, Bocconi University.

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