Thursday, April 11 / 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM Meeting Room 310 (Level 3)

Session 22
Deaths and Diseases of Despair

Chair: Dana A. Glei, Georgetown University
Discussant: Andrew J. Cherlin, Johns Hopkins University

1. Trends in Midlife Mortality in the UK and Canada: Is the United States an Anomaly?Jennifer B. Dowd , King's College London; Anna Zajacova, University of Western Ontario.

2. Putting “Work” Back in Working-Aged Mortality: Occupation and Cause-Specific Mortality Among Contemporary Working-Aged U.S. AdultsIliya Gutin , University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Robert Hummer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

3. Spark vs. Kindling: Assessing the Validity of Supply- vs. Demand-Side Explanations for Understanding Geographic Variation in U.S. Drug Mortality RatesShannon Monnat , Syracuse University.

4. U.S. Black-White Mortality Trends Complicate the White “Deaths of Despair” NarrativeAndrea Tilstra , University of Colorado Boulder; Daniel Simon, University of Colorado Boulder; Ryan K. Masters, University of Colorado Boulder.

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