Friday, April 12 / 2:45 PM - 4:15 PM Meeting Room 302 (Level 3)

Session 199
Families and Inequality

Chair: Daniel T. Lichter, Cornell University
Discussant: Lawrence M. Berger, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1. Differential Parenting by Offspring Genetic MakeupAsta Breinholt , University of Michigan; Dalton Conley, New York University (NYU).

2. Public Investments, Private Investments and Class Gaps in Child DevelopmentMargot Jackson , Brown University; Daniel Schneider, University of California, Berkeley.

3. Mindful Inequality: How Opportunity Structures and Skill-Based Neighborhood Sorting by Parents Produce Unequal Environments for ChildrenJared Schachner , Harvard University; Robert J. Sampson, Harvard University.

4. Race, Family Status, Cumulative Risk, and Poverty: Toward a Racial Stratification ApproachDeadric Williams , University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Regina Baker, University of Pennsylvania.

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