Friday, April 12 / 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Meeting Room 304 (Level 3)

Session 181
Fathers and Families

Chair: Valarie King, Pennsylvania State University
Discussant: Jennifer Augustine, University of South Carolina

1. The Changing Demography of U.S. FatherhoodMarcia J. Carlson , University of Wisconsin-Madison; Paula Fomby, University of Michigan; Ariane Ophir, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

2. Parental Depression and Child Well-being: How Do Fathers Matter?Kevin Shafer , Brigham Young University; Andrew J. Renick, Brigham Young University; Alex Wambach, Brigham Young University.

3. Length of Paternity Leave and Children’s Reports of Father-Child Relationships and DelinquencyRichard Petts , Ball State University; Chris Knoester, The Ohio State University; Jane Waldfogel, Columbia University.

4. Doing What They Can? Low-Income Fathers Providing Informal Support to Their Nonresident ChildrenMaria Cancian, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Angela Guarin, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Leslie Hodges , University of Wisconsin-Madison; Daniel R. Meyer, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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