Friday, April 12 / 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Meeting Room 202 (Level 2)

Session 173
Long-Term Effects of Early-Life Circumstances

Chair: Ryan P. Brown, University of Colorado Denver
Discussant: Tania Barham, University of Colorado Boulder
Discussant: Gretchen Donehower, University of California, Berkeley
Discussant: Amal Harrati, Stanford University
Discussant: Daniel Ramirez, Pennsylvania State University

1. No Place like Home: Long-Run Impacts of Early Child Health and Family Planning on Economic and Migration OutcomesTania Barham , University of Colorado Boulder; Randall Kuhn, University of California, Los Angeles; Patrick Turner, University of Notre Dame.

2. The Long-Term and Intergenerational Effects of a School Construction Program in IndonesiaMaria Rosales-Rueda , Princeton University; Margaret Triyana, University of Chicago; Bhashkar Mazumder, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

3. The Long-Run Effects of Cesarean SectionsLauri Saaksvuori , National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland; Ana Maria Costa-Ramon, University of Pompeu Fabra; Mika Kortelainen, VATT Institute for Economic Research; Ana Rodriguez-Gonzalez, University of Pompeu Fabra.

4. Dynamic Complementarities Very Early in Life: Family Planning, Early Childhood Education, and Lifetime Human CapitalShuqiao Sun , University of Michigan.

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