Friday, April 12 / 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM Meeting Room 302 (Level 3)

Session 159
Family-Level Perspectives on Work and Care

Chair: Zhe Zhang, Rice University
Discussant: Hande Inanc

1. All About Equity? Division of Unpaid Labor, Teamwork, and Couples’ Relationship SatisfactionDaniel Carlson , University of Utah; Amanda J. Miller, University of Indianapolis; Stephanie Rudd, University of Indianapolis.

2. Should I Care or Should I Work? The Impact of Working in Older Age on CaregivingLudovico Carrino , King's College London; Vahé Nafilyan, King's College London; Mauricio Avendano, King's College London / Harvard University.

3. Scheduling Inequality: Variations in Dual-Earner Couple Work-Schedule CoordinationPeter Hepburn , University of California, Berkeley.

4. Work-Family Conflict and Well-being Among Married Couples Revisited: A Longitudinal and Dyadic ApproachDeniz Yucel , William Paterson University; Wen Fan, Boston College.

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