Niños, Familias y Migración: The Family Migration and Early Life Outcomes Project in Jalisco

Jennifer Glick , Pennsylvania State University

Migration shapes family environments. Yet research on ‘left behind’ children often focuses only on children experiencing the current migration of a parent without considering the dynamic interplay of migration timing and relationships throughout the child’s life course. The Family Migration and Early Life Outcomes (FAMELO) project focuses on children’s socio-emotional development, education and early life course transitions in dynamic contexts of familial migration. The project is designed to improve our understanding of the commonalities in the association between familial migration and well-being for children from settings that are economically, socially and culturally distinct from one another. This presentation will describe the procedures and strategies used to interview caregivers and children in over 2000 households in one of the sites, Jalisco Mexico, in 2017-18. Preliminary analyses find a low prevalence on current exposure to international migration but higher exposure to past migration and a non-negligible number of non-Mexican born children in the sample.

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 Presented in Session 84. Wellbeing of Mexican-Origin Children on Both Sides of the U.S./Mexico Border