Product, Placement, and Price: Generating Mixed-Methods Data to Inform a Total Market Approach in Tanzania

Tess Shiras, Abt Associates
Lauren Rosapep, Abt Associates
Nicole Kapesi, Abt Associates
Marianne El-Khoury , Abt Associates

In Tanzania, condoms are a key contraceptive product. However, the condom market is flooded by donor supply, jeopardizing its sustainability. In response, SHOPS Plus is collaborating with the Tanzanian Government to better coordinate public and private condom distribution through a total market approach (TMA). To inform the strategy, we conducted focus groups with male condom users to understand factors that influence condom selection choices and ability and willingness to pay. We also conducted a retail audit to assess availability of different brands and prices. Preliminary qualitative findings show that men are loyal to subsidized condoms and are willing to pay above market prices. Quantitative data will show areas with high commercial activity and those with insufficient availability of condoms at any price. These data are expected to fill a critical need in the development of a TMA effort and potentially question assumptions behind current condom pricing, branding, and distribution strategies.

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 Presented in Session 1. Fertility, Family Planning, Sexual Behavior, & Reproductive Health 1