Inequity in Young Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health: Stigma and the Perpetuating Force of the Term “Family Planning”

Jocelyn E. Finlay , Harvard University
Chantal Inamahoro, Pathfinder International

Young women (15 - 24 years) face an inequity in their access and use of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) products and services compared to adult women (above 24 years) within sub-Saharan African countries. In this research, in brief, we contribute to the understanding of the barriers that prevent young women from seeking and using sexual and reproductive health services by drawing on qualitative research involving key informant interviews and youth participatory workshops in Burundi. We demonstrate how stigma is defined and manifests within the context of young women seeking SRH services, and highlights how it creates inequity in access and use of such services by young women. We provide suggestions on how interventions can be developed to address stigma and empower young women in accessing and using SRH services in Burundi or similar cultures.

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 Presented in Session 244. Disparities and Equity in Reproductive Health