Race Stratification in Health Among Mexican Americans: Asthma and Liver Disease

Guadalupe Marquez-Velarde , Utah State University

In this study, I analyzed two health outcomes, asthma and liver disease, among NH Whites, NH Blacks, White Mexicans, Black Mexicans and Other Mexicans taking into consideration acculturation-related and sociodemographic covariates. I developed my hypotheses on prior research on the Latino Paradox and the racial health disparities literature. In the analyses, using Integrated Health Interview Survey Data, both White Mexicans and Other Mexicans were reported to have a health advantage consistent with the Latino Paradox but Black Mexicans did not. The results suggest that not all Mexicans are equally advantaged in terms of health as we have come to expect based on the Latino Paradox. Black Mexicans seem to be particularly disadvantaged compared to NH Whites and to a lesser extent vis-à-vis White Mexicans and NH Blacks. Thus, the micro and macro mechanisms of race (and racism) that produce health inequalities are apparently having an effect on this population.

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 Presented in Session 76. Flash Session: Unpacking Associations Between Race/Ethnicity and Health