Examination of the Gaps of Life Expectancy at Birth in India: A Decomposition Analysis

Akshay Mishra
Usha Ram

Considering gender discrimination, existing mortality differentials and increasing LEB, this paper addresses the contribution of change in mortality at each age group to the total gap in LEB over last two decades in India. Chiang method has been used to generate life tables to estimate LEB for various subpopulation using age-specific death rates during 1991-2011 by sex and residence published in SRS compendium (1971-2013) under RGI and Arriaga method were used to decompose total gap in LEB. The sex differential in LEB has been increased over the last two decades and under-five age groups are trying to reduce that gap. The rural-urban gap in LEB is gradually decreasing and contribution towards gap is shifted from younger to later ages. Reduction in child mortality resulted in increased LEB. While the mortality is still high specifically among young females despite various existing health programs.

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 Presented in Session 11. Health & Mortality 2