Prevalence of Childhood Diarrhea and Treatment Practices Adopted by Women in Northeast India.

Strong Marbaniang
H. Lhungdim, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

The paper assesses the women knowledge on diarrhea treatment, seeking treatment whose child (< 5-years) are suffering from diarrhea. We used data from the DLHS-4. Information was collected on women’s knowledge about diarrhea treatment, types of diarrhea treatment methods. Of the 803 children with diarrhea, 45.33% were taken to the health center. Many women are having knowledge about diarrhea treatment, but prefer to used liquid food instead of HAF/ORS/Zinc and very few seek treatment from the healthcentre. Women not seeking treatment prefer to used liquid food but those seek treatment from Government and Private center prefer to used HAF/ORS/Zinc. Women wealth, education and age significantly increase women knowledge about treatment of diarrhea. A female child is more preferred for seeking treatment. ANC visit increases women knowledge about diarrhea knowledge. Women from Tripura used HAF/ORS/Zinc which is a better method for treatment of diarrhea advice by Government and Private health center.

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 Presented in Session 5. Health & Mortality 1