Estimating Annual Flows of Migration Among ASEAN Countries: Overcoming High Levels of Missing and Inconsistent Flow Data

James Raymer, Australian National University
Qing Guan
Jasmine Ha , Australian National University

International migration is increasing and thriving in the Asia-Pacific region yet annual movements and pathways remain largely unknown because data are unavailable for cross-national comparison. This problem has resulted in relatively little research on international migration in the Asia-Pacific, which is surprising considering the region contains over three-fifths of the world’s population. This paper addresses a fundamental gap in our knowledge about population movements in the Asia-Pacific region by developing a strategy for harmonising and estimating annual flows by origin and destination. To develop this strategy, we focus on the ten countries comprising the Association of Southeast Asian National (ASEAN). The estimates will ultimately form an invaluable basis for understanding the dynamics and complexity of migration for countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

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 Presented in Session 3. Population, Development, & the Environment; Data & Methods; Applied Demography