Who Lives With Parents? Living Arrangements of Single Young Adults in Taiwan

Ying-Ting Wang , Yuan Ze University

More single young adults are staying with their parents. However, past research on coresidence was mostly on married adults and their elderly parents, and little attention has been paid to single young adults. Using nationally representative data, I investigated who lived with their parents among single young adults aged 25 to 32 in Taiwan. Sixty-nine percent of the respondents lived with their parents as in 2016. Similar to the literature, coresident respondents had lower individual education attainment than the non-coresident respondents. Similar to the common perceptions, coresident respondents had lower intention to move than the non-coresident respondents. However, unlike the negative public perceptions of “parasite singles,” the majority of the coresident respondents provided financial support to parents and did not receive any from parents. Some differences in factors associated with the likelihood of coresidence by age group were observed.

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 Presented in Session 194. Intergenerational Coresidence