Spatial Variations of Dengue Fever in Brazil

Emerson Baptista , Asian Demographic Research Institute
Samir K., Shanghai University

In recent decades, the global incidence of DF has grown dramatically and spread to all regions of the world, still that its major concentration is in tropical and subtropical regions. One of the countries most affected by DF is Brazil. Therefore, investigating the spatial and temporal variations of notified DF infections in Brazilian municipalities from 2001 to 2012, as well as to detect hotspots, is the main goal of this paper. In parallel, we will add the analysis to the urbanization component and verify how important this variable is to understand DF in Brazil. For purposes of analysis, and to reduce variations on dengue incidence in areas with small population, we calculated annual rates of dengue per 100,000 for each county over the three four-year periods 2001-2004, 2005-2008 and 2009-2012, as well as we use spatial smoothing.

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 Presented in Session 6. Health & Mortality & Aging