Dynamics of Labour Force, Workforce and Job Seekers in India

Chaitali Mandal

Background: The Age-structural transition of the country leading to the hypothesis that the labour force in the working age (15-59 years) will lead the acceleration in the growth of the country. However, the absorption of the labour force into the workforce is not as high as one would expect, resulting in an increasing number of job seekers in the country. Objectives, Data and Methods: This paper based on census data, focuses on the trends of the labour force, workforce and job seekers using simple percentage distribution and exponential growth rate method. Results: The study found that the population in the working age group is increasing faster than the other age groups due to the nature of the demographic transition. Conclusion: The findings indicate that there is an urgent need to create more employment opportunities for the growing bulge in the country. Keywords: Labour force, Workforce, Job Seekers

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 Presented in Session 8. Economy, Labor Force, Education, & Inequality