The 2019 Annual Meeting

Thank you to all who participated in the PAA 2019 Annual Meeting. We look forward to seeing you again in DC in 2020. 

The co-chairs of the 2019 Program Organizing Committee were John Casterline, PAA President, and Noreen Goldman, PAA Vice President.


Program Committee

John Casterline
Ohio State University
PAA President

Noreen Goldman
Princeton University
PAA Vice-President


The members of the Program Committee are listed below.

Alicia Adsera, Princeton University
Hiram Beltran-Sanchez, University of California, Los Angeles
Susan Brower, State of Minnesota
Warren Brown, Cornell University
Christopher Browning, The Ohio State University
Marcia Castro, Harvard University
Joyce Chen, The Ohio State University
Samuel Clark, The Ohio State University
Cynthia Colen, The Ohio State University
Sara Curran, University of Washington, Seattle
Jennifer Dowd, King's College London
Rachel Dwyer, Ohio State University
Reanne Frank, The Ohio State University
Margaret Frye, University of Michigan
Maria Gallo, The Ohio State University
Michel Guillot, University of Pennsylvania
Tod Hamilton, Princeton University
Sarah Hayford, The Ohio State University
Arun Hendi, Princeton University
Lori Hunter, University of Colorado Boulder
Jennifer Jennings, Princeton University
Scott Lynch, Duke University
Ellis Monk, Harvard University
Mark Montgomery, Population Council
Alison Norris, The Ohio State University
Corinne Reczek, The Ohio State University
Germán Rodríguez, Princeton University
Elisabeth Root, The Ohio State University
Kammi Schmeer, The Ohio State University
Anastasia Snyder, The Ohio State University
Leah VanWey, Brown University
Tom Vogl, University of Texas at Austin
Michael White, Brown University
Kristi Williams, The Ohio State University
Hui Zheng, The Ohio State University


Important Dates

September 19, 2018. Deadline for submitting papers or abstracts to organizers (extended from 9/16).

November 13, 2018. Authors are notified of papers accepted in standard sessions

December 3, 2018. Authors are notified of papers accepted into overflow sessions

December 3, 2018. Registration opens

December 4, 2018. Authors are notified of papers accepted into poster sessions

January 14, 2019. Registration deadline for presenting authors, chairs and discussants

February 1, 2019. Early-bird registration deadline

February 22, 2019. Deadline for making online revisions to abstracts of accepted papers

February 22, 2019. Deadline to receive a refund for registration fees

March 22, 2019. Deadline for posting completed papers on the program website