Saturday, April 13 / 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Lone Star F (Level 3)

Session 242
Challenges in Operationalizing Population and Reproductive Health Policies and Programs

Chair: Massy Mutumba, University of Michigan
Discussant: Rose N. Oronje, African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP)

1. Supply-Side Shocks: Strikes and Utilization of Contraception in Kenya—Are Doctors or Nurses More Essential for a Thriving Family Program?Kristin Bietsch , Avenir Health; Priya Emmart, Avenir Health; Hellen Sidha, Reproductive and Maternal Health Services Unit.

2. Do You Need to Pay for Quality Care? Exploring Associations Between Bribes and Out-of-Pocket Expenditures on Quality of Labor and Delivery Care in High-Volume Public Health Facilities in Uttar Pradesh, IndiaAmanda Landrian , University of California, Los Angeles; Beth Phillips, University of California, San Francisco; Shreya Singhal, Community Empowerment Lab; Shambhavi Mishra, Community Empowerment Lab; Fnu Kajal, Government of India, Ministry of Health, Uttar Pradesh; May Sudhinaraset, University of California, Los Angeles.

3. Examining the Comprehensive Integration of Family Planning Services Into General Health Care in RwandaHilary Schwandt, Western Washington University; Adriana Scanteianu , Rutgers University; Angel Boulware, Spelman College; Julia Corey, Wheaton College; Ana Herrera, Northwest Vista Community College; Ethan Hudler, Whatcom Community College; Claudette Imbabazi, INES-Ruhengeri – Institute of Applied Sciences; Ilia King, Xavier University; Jessica Linus, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Innocent Manzi, INES-Ruhengeri – Institute of Applied Sciences; Maddie Merritt, Western Washington University; Lyn Mezier, State University of New York at Oswego (SUNY); Abigail Miller, Western Washington University; Haley Morris, Western Oregon University; Dieudonne Musemakweli, INES-Ruhengeri – Institute of Applied Sciences; Uwase Musekura, Eastern Oregon University; Divine Mutuyimana, INES-Ruhengeri – Institute of Applied Sciences; Chimene Ntakarutimana, University of Kentucky; Nrali Patel, Arcadia University; Biganette-Evidente Shemeza, INES-Ruhengeri – Institute of Applied Sciences; Madi Stapleton, Western Washington University; Gi'Anna Sterling-Donaldson, Drexel University; Chantal Umutoni, INES-Ruhengeri – Institute of Applied Sciences; Liz Uwera, INES-Ruhengeri – Institute of Applied Sciences; Madeline Zeiler, Western Washington University; Seth L. Feinberg, Western Washington University.

4. Unveil Half the Sky: Paradox of Women's Role in the 4 Decades of China's Family Planning PolicyShuangshuang Yang , Shanghai University; Yingchun Ji, Shanghai University.

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