Creating a New Nationally Representative Sample of Immigrants to the United States: Design and Results From the 2017 PSID New Immigrant Refresher

Narayan Sastry , University of Michigan

This paper describes the design and results of the 2017 New Immigrant Refresher Sample to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. PSID is a nationally-representative panel survey of U.S. families that began in 1968 and completed a prior new immigrant refresher in 1997. PSID launched a major new immigrant refresher in 2016, in conjunction with the Health and Retirement Study (HRS). In screened households that did not meet HRS recruitment criteria, respondents were screened for the PSID new immigrant sample. Eligible families were interviewed for the 2017 wave of PSID. We describe the results of the screening process, the baseline PSID interviews, and a multiplicity sampling procedure designed to fill a hole in the PSID new immigrant sample caused by HRS recruitment of all new immigrants born from 1960 to 1971. Finally, we assess the representativeness of the PSID New Immigrant sample using data from the American Community Survey.

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 Presented in Session 79. Collecting Data on Migrant Populations