Administrative Trajectories of Rejected Asylum Seekers in France

Tatiana Eremenko , National University of Distance Education (UNED)

Being recognized a “refugee” has become a more complex and restrictive procedure in developing countries and some persons forced to flee instead become “rejected asylum seekers”. In the absence of a recognition of their need to be protected, their experiences are marked by legal precariousness. Relatively little is known on their experiences and long-term outcomes, particularly the proportion of them who eventually obtain permanent legal status. This paper focuses on the outcomes of asylum seekers arriving in France in the 2000s. Using a combination of data sources, we study the length of stay of persons having filed for asylum in France during this period before obtaining a permanent legal status, as well as the grounds for their admission to stay (international protection versus other motives). Findings show that in addition to 29% of asylum seekers who had acquired refugee status, an additional 24% were later admitted for other reasons.

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 Presented in Session 237. The Demography of Authorized Migration