The Impact of a Conditional Cash Transfers Program on Households' Well-being

Daniela Del Boca, University of Turin
Chiara Pronzato , University of Turin
Giuseppe Sorrenti, University of Zurich

The aim of our research is to evaluate the impact of a conditional cash transfer program on family well-being among low-income families with young children in the context of a high-income country (Italy). Using a randomized controlled trial, we find that treated families search more actively labor market opportunities, and work more more and with more regularity. They also are able to save more and have healthier eating habits. The conditional cash transfer intervention seems to be more effective than cash transfer alone in changing households behavior in several dimensions and fostering integration and social inclusion. Our findings add not only to the accumulating evidence on the impact of conditional cash transfers versus unconditional ones but also to the literature studying multidimensional incentives programs.

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 Presented in Session 227. International Evidence on Poverty and Social Policy